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"Raising Successful Minds has been a complete eye-opener. It made me realise how often I can actually be encouraging a fixed mindset, and how with just a few very simple language swaps I can help to instill a whole new way of thinking for my children. Jess has shared some excellent ideas that have really helped me and I am already seeing a difference in the way my children approach challenges. They are more positive, independent and resilient. I just can't wait to see what else Mind Traction has to offer". Jodie H. (Mum of 2).


Jess is a Passionate Parent Coach, Inspiring Mentor, Experienced Teacher and a Mum on a Mission

With close to a decade of school teaching under her belt, Jess has a way of sharing her knowledge in a simple, structured, relatable manner that inspires and empowers others. 

Jess provides practical action steps that parents can implement daily with their children. As a working Mum to 3 young kids, Jess understands the time pressures of busy parents! 

Jess has dedicated the past decade to helping young people reach their full potential and has a wealth of knowledge to share with you. 


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What Our Community Are Saying...

She started being more motivated to keep trying, even when she didn't understand at first.

"Thank goodness I stumbled upon Jess and the Mind Traction community. Learning the strategies that Jess shared helped me start shifting my daughter's mindset. Teaching her about her brain helped her understand that her strong emotions were normal and part of the process, which in turn helped her recognize when a meltdown was coming on so she could avoid it. She started being more motivated to keep trying, even when she didn't understand at first. We haven't been using the strategies for very long, but I have already noticed a difference in her attitude and we have WAY fewer meltdowns!" Clare T. (Mum of 3)

Our Mission

To provide connection, community, support, inspiration and resources to help parents feel confident that they have the skills to raise successful, motivated and driven kids.


Our Vision

To reach and support parents across the globe by arming them with the knowledge, actionable steps and confidence they need to raise their children to be resilient and success-minded individuals who achieve to their full potential. 

Our Values

We value honesty, trust and integrity. Kindness is essential and inclusivity is non-negotiable. Support for others is the driving force behind our community. Parenting is hard. No-one is perfect and we are all in this together!

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