Resources to Help You Raise Confident, Resilient & Growth-Minded Kids

Santa's Kindness Challenge Cards!

24 Acts of kindness to help you count down until Christmas. Let your Elf on the Shelf deliver a daily challenge from Santa, or simply use them to encourage kindness, consideration and compassion for others in your home, classroom or workspace! 

2 Designs to choose from - Traditional or Elf on the Shelf. Click your favourite below and download now!  

Managing Emotions Bundle

This powerful bundle will help you to teach your little person to understand and manage their big feelings. 

When children develop strategies for managing their emotions they strengthen their social-emotional skills which in turn ensures that they can build positive relationships, maintain a sense of calm and problem solve when challenges arise. 

This bundle contains resources you will use every day, both at home and on the go.

Download the bundle now and help your little person learn how to manage their emotions! 

200+ Chit Chat Cards

Creating Connection, Generating Laughter and Inspiring Thought at Dinning Room Tables Around the World!

Do you ever get tired of prodding your child to engage in deeper conversation and you get nothing back? Maybe you ask the same "Tell me about your day" question over dinner every night and hear the same standard response - "it was good".

These chit-chat cards are going to change all of that!

Click to learn more and grab your set now! 

Affirmation Cards

Affirmations cards to help build your child's self-belief, self-confidence and motivation!

Daily affirmations are an excellent tool for managing anxiety. They help create positive thoughts and positive self-talk which leads to increased happiness, greater self-esteem and an improved growth mindset.

A variety of designs available which can be used in many ways, both in the home and in the classroom!

Choose your cards today!

Family Values Poster

Family Values are a powerful tool for raising confident, secure and connected kids. They help children develop a strong sense of belonging and offer a clear framework and set of expectations in which the family operates.

This resource includes both the ready-made family values poster which you can simply print and display, as well as the blank values template for your family to write their own unique values.

Click to choose the design you like the best! 

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