A Passionate Educator and a Mum on a Mission.


Jess Burnett is the founder of Mind Traction and the Mindset Focused Parenting Framework. She is a Teacher, Parent Coach and Mum of 3 with a passion for supporting other parents to cultivate a mindset of growth, lifelong learning and success in their children. 

After almost a decade of successful classroom teaching, Jess created Mind Traction to empower parents with the skills they need to feel confident and know that they are gifting their children the best start in life.  Through Mind Traction, Jess is inspiring a whole new generation of parents to prioritise their children’s mindset because she strongly believes it all starts at home.

Jess shares her knowledge and experience, both as a Teacher and a Mum, to help parents cultivate an unshakable self-confidence in their kids, and raise children who are inspired to set goals, work hard and chase their dreams.

As a busy, working Mum of 3, Jess understands the pressures of parenting and designed the Mindset Focused Parenting Framework to provide effective, actionable strategies which parents can implement into their everyday conversations and interactions with their children to get big results.

Jess knows that it takes a village to raise a child and offers Mind Traction as a safe and supportive, judgement-free space where parents can find connection, community and inspiration. Within the Mind Traction community, parents are supported by Jess and support each other, to raise resilient, motivated and driven young people.

If at any stage you would like to share your experience or seek further support, please reach out via our social media channels or email [email protected]. Jess loves hearing from our community! 

Jess lives with her husband, who is also a long-time teacher, and her young family in Brisbane, Australia but welcomes parents, carers and educators to the Mind Traction community from right across the globe. 

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